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Launched in 2006, Bud to Rose has established itself as a well-known Contemporary Swedish Jewellery brand, recognized for fusing feminine with edgy.

It all began with a simple charm necklace – a handmade piece which founder Diddi Camilla Nihlén created to compliment her bought jewels.

“I simply created something I liked that I wanted to wear. I was surprised about all the compliments I got… it turns out there were more women like me out there… looking for something new and fun, which of course inspired me to create more.” Diddi Camilla Nihlén

Since creating the first piece almost a decade ago Bud to Rose now has 500 stockists worldwide, counting in over 10 countries across the world, and has recently expanded into men’s jewellery under the name btr MAN.

Bud to Rose celebrates individuality and embrace the contrasts and opposites in all things, which comes to life in each creation through the choice of materials, textures and shapes; mixing feminine with edgy; tough with sweet; hard with soft. The name “Bud to Rose” carries a symbolism of these polarised foundations; the clean and sharp lines of a bud meet the soft femininity of a rose.

Diddi Camilla designs every piece in the collection, with a simple ambition to create something that is special for everyday; easy-to-wear pieces that can be stacked, styled and layered. Every collection has a certain “flavour of the season” incorporating both fashion pieces and timeless classics, as well as signature styles mixing leather and metals, and pieces enhanced with meaningful messages.

With a special love for travelling Diddi Camilla gathers most of her inspiration during trips to different parts of the world, but remains true to the simplicity and clean lines of Scandinavian design.

“Travelling keeps my mind curious. Design is instinct so inspiration can’t necessarily be connected to a specific place, time or object. It’s a moment of sudden inspiration, yet an organic process that cannot be forced. There is always an influence of my Scandinavian roots, the beautiful landscapes in the South of Sweden remain a great source of inspiration…”

“I usually have a creative flow at night-time. I think I’ve come up with 90% of my collections in the middle of the night. I spend a lot of nights up drawing new designs…. and always keep a note book by my bed for ideas.”